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Katie Jones

Katie Jones is an experience freelance writer with many years of experience working on a variety of different projects. Although Katie specializes in writing research papers, and more specifically on technology, she is more than capable of writing about topics across different spectrums.

One of Katie’s main strengths is her ability to write research papers for students. Being a graduate herself with a high GPA score, Katie realizes the extreme mental stress students put themselves through to complete highly demanding research papers for college. Katie believes her strong writing and research skills can greatly help with research that students are required to undertake during college.

Many of Katie’s articles have been well received online, as well as being cited as extremely helpful by a wide audience. For example, Katie’s succinct and highly informational article about technologies that are available to homeowners to help them conserve energy was praised highly due to her ability to present complex information to people who may not have prior knowledge in the subject.

Katie maintains a website and blog that is regularly updated, and she can be contacted through there regarding any inquiries you may have. She endeavors to reply as soon as possible to any contact made with her.

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