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List Of 40 Interesting Cyber Bullying Essay Topics

There is no doubt about the benefits technology provides. But it also comes with its disadvantages, one of which is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the use of internet technology for harmful intents such as to harass others. 

The definition of cyberbullying is broad and can be in various forms. It covers harmful intentions like hacking someone’s profiles, identity theft, spreading rumors, defaming someone, etc. 

Many of these harmful intents are things we see daily on the internet. If it is not well-curtailed, it can grow into a case of negativity becoming the new normal. That’s why writing essays about cyberbullying is very much relevant. 

When you want to write an essay about cyberbullying, you should write in a way that reveals the dangers. It should also explain why it should get checkmated in our society. Since the concept of cyberbullying is broad, you need to determine the niche to cover. Your topic defines the niche.

Interesting Cyber Bullying Essay Topics

The topic you choose will determine the direction of the essay you write. You cannot practically write on all areas of cyberbullying. Therefore, the need to select a topic. If you have issues with picking a topic to write about, check out our curated list of cyberbullying topics

  1. A Cruel World Of Cyber Bullying
  2. A Multiethnic Sample Analysis Of Cyber-Bullying
  3. Increase In The World Is Caused By An Increase In The World’s Technology
  4. Analysis Of Cyber Bulling Organization
  5. The Need To Be Careful About How Much Personal Information You Give Over The Internet
  6. How Bullying Affects Native American Students
  7. Digital Age Bullying 
  8. Cyber-Bullying: Evolution Of Bullying
  9. Bullying, Bullicide, And Suicide
  10. Causes And Effect Of Cyber Bullying
  11. Combatting The Menace Of Cyber Bullying
  12. The Routine Activity Theory And Cyber Bullying
  13. Cyber Bullying Is A Growing Problem
  14. Cyber Bullying Is The New Form Of Bullying
  15. Cyber Bullying Is A Social Issue
  16. The Epidemic Among Modern-Day Youths: Cyber Bullying
  17. A Rising Global Concern: Cyber Bullying
  18. The Dangers Of Cyber Bullying And What Is Needed To Be Done
  19. Cyber Bullying Is Real, And It Hurts
  20. Should Schools Give Consequence For Cyber Bullying?
  21. Adolescent Student Population And Cyber Bullying
  22. Cyber Data And Cyber Bullying
  23. Hate Speech And Cyber Bullying
  24. Internalizing Difficulties From Cyber Bullying
  25. Social Media: The World Of Cyber Bullying
  26. Which Is More Harmful: Cyber Bullying Or Traditional Bullying?
  27. On The Journey To Become The World’s Most Problematic Issue Is Cyber Bullying
  28. Cyber Bullying Should Be A Criminal Offence
  29. A Study Of Long Term Effect Of Cyber Bullying On Adolescence
  30. Cyber Bullying Is A Form Of Behind The Screen Bullets
  31. The Prevalence Of Online Harassment, Cyber Stalking, And Bullying
  32. Brief Research Proposal On Cyber Bullying
  33. Teen Suicide And Cyber Bullying
  34. Cyber Bullying Is A Terrible Problem For Many Teens
  35. Are Parents To Be Blamed For Cyber Bullying?
  36. How To Dealt With Cyber Bullying
  37. Cyber Bullying In Its Different Form
  38. Cyber Bullying: Every Comment Has Its Consequence
  39. How To Prevent Cyber Bullying
  40. Is Bullying Needed For Growing Up?


Cyberbullying is what we see in our everyday interactions. Therefore, writing about it will interest many readers. The secret to writing an excellent cyberbullying essay is first picking an awesome topic. We have suggested some interesting issues, do in-depth research on any one of the topics, and put a good essay together.

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