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How Does Tobacco Use Affect The Human Body?

You will have no doubt have heard about the adverse affect of tobacco on the human body. After all, with how widespread the use of tobacco is, in the form of cigarettes, scientists, health care workers and governments work hard to make people aware of how harmful taking in this substance is. However, you may know that it is harmful to use ingest tobacco into your body, but what you may be less aware of is how if affects the human body. So, in this article, we will discuss exactly this topic. There are many parts of the body that tobacco negatively affects, and we will discuss each part separately.


Your brain is adversely affects by the use of tobacco. There is a substance called nicotine in tobacco that is highly addictive and, when you use tobacco, the nicotine goes into your brain quickly.

Nicotine makes the user feel very calm, relaxed and good while you are taking in the substance, however, there are many negative after effects. For example, as soon as you have stopped smoking, nicotine can leave you feeling anxious and nervous as you are coming down from the ‘high’ that the nicotine provided you with. This feeling means that many people turn back to smoking to get away from it. Using tobacco is also known to cause headaches and dizziness.


Your mouth area is one of the most negatively affected parts of your body due to tobacco usage. Tobacco stains teeth and makes you smell bad. This is a particular trait by which you can tell whether or not somebody is a heavy smoker. Along with staining your teeth, heavy users of tobacco also have ruined tastes buds, and are no longer able to taste food properly. A particularly adverse effect of tobacco usage to the mouth is that it can cause gum and mouth cancer.


The heart, as you surely know, is one of the most vital organs in your body, tasked with pumping blood around your body. Tobacco also seriously impacts this important organ. Tobacco usage has been linked to an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. These are two conditions have put a great deal of increased strain on your heart, and they usually lead to heart attacks and heart disease, which can be fatal.


Lungs are perhaps the most affected organs due to tobacco. Tobacco usage makes it extremely hard for users to breathe due to the affect it has on the lungs. Those who suffer from asthma can experience an increase in asthma attacks due to tobacco usage. Just like the heart, users of tobacco have a very high risk of contracting lung cancer and emphysema, which is a lung disease associated with an intake of tobacco into the body.

As you can see, there are seldom any positive benefits to smoking, however there are a plethora of very negative effects that could prove vital if you tobacco users do not take steps to limit their intake.

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