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What Is Term Paper Format And How To Apply It?

A writing assignment given to the students during a particular term and directly related to the final marks is usually called a term paper. Generally students have to follow a definite and strict format while writing a term paper. Some things should be included and some avoided. Below are the details of a term paper format.

The cover /Title page

The cover or the title page is the first impression of a term paper writer. The name of the writer, the title of the course, teacher’s name and the deadline – all should be included in separate lines and centre alignment.

Abstract Page

Abstract is basically the summary of the paper, which helps the reader to know about the main issue portrayed and why the paper is worth reading. It should be short, at the most a page usually.

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The Introductory paragraph is the most significant paragraph in a paper as it sets the mood. There are various ways in which the intro can be written. It can start with the thesis statement. A striking comment on the subject can also be a good introduction ending with the thesis statement.

The specific issue of the paper has to be included in both the cases and how the writer wants to deal with it. It’s important that the intro is catchy enough to hold a reader‘s attention from the very beginning.

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Method paragraph 

This paragraph should contain the techniques used by the writer while searching and processing data. It can also cover the significance of the collected information.


It’s advised to spread evenly all the information gathered in the different paragraphs of the body. One paragraph should have one important issue arranged according to the significance. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence for the readers to understand well.

Result paragraph

In this particular paragraph the writer should explain how the view point has changed from the introduction after analysis, or how the explanation is proved right through logical analysis at the end. Basically it should reveal the result of your analysis.

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A good term paper should end with an apt conclusion that is derived from the research proving the thesis statement or the highlighted issue. A new point should be added to it. Repeating the statement is a big no-no.

A writer should check the introduction while writing the conclusion. It should maintain the exact order how the information was placed.


This is the last page of the term paper. A proper format has to be followed during citation of all the resources.

In-text Citation

  • Things to be mentioned - the name of the authors and the years
  • For a single author - last name of the author and the year and a comma in between
  • Mention the year for citing a date


A dedicated section should be there at the end of the paper called "References". All the author’s last names should be written alphabetically. It’s not advisable to do the numbering of the references as the writer will have to renumber if new reference is added. Bibliography can also be added if the guide instructs.

Above all the students need to work out a solid plan to write a successful paper. However, maintaining strict guidelines and following the deadline of a term paper is not at all easy to do. So, they can always take help with term paper writing to avoid the tension and stress.

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